Continuation of tradition

At the beginning of the 20th century, around 1910, Avgoustis and Harikleia Nikola started making the first meat products at their home. Back then, it was common for pigs to live together with people in the same house.

The first meat products (allantika) were fire-grilled on the same fire people also used for cooking and heating the house during the winter season. This method describes the me at products as smoked.

The allantika products were back then sold in order to increase the household income.

Years later, around 1940, their son Christodoulos, changed his name to Papachristodoulos due to the fact that he became a priest.

People used to also call him Daskalos, an honourary title for a priest, that literally means 'teacher'.

Daskalos and his wife, Kyriaki, continued the production of allantika with the same traditional smoking process.

They were using a separate room, as their production was much larger than what his parents used to have.

Around 1970, their daughter Magda with her husband Christodoulos, whose professions was also teachers, continued the production of their traditional smoked meat products, Allantika tou Daskalou.

They are still using the same room (a production area with fire and smoke) and the same recipe they have inherited from their ancestors. The preparation area and smoke-room are still in use this this day.

In December 2008 we have moved to a new, modern factory built outside of Argos village, 1km from the original place where our grandparents started.

The unit complies with the ISO 22000 standard for food hygiene and safety of products.

Today we offer our consumers the great grandparents' traditional recipe with the highest standards of food hygiene and safety applications. Our products can be found in selected supermarkets in Cyprus and the UK.

In April 2021, the expansion of the workplaces has been completed. All workplaces were expanded and three ripeners were added, as well as an outdoor maturation area for Tsamarela. The primary goal is to preserve the traditional recipe based on quality.

The meat factory is now open to visitors who want to visit it, to be informed and to try the cold meat cuts. Organized groups for tasting are welcome. Reservations can be made in the company's Email, Messenger, WhatsApp and phone number 25522505.